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The PC/SC Specification – What and What about???

The objective behind these components was to provide a standard model for interfacing smart-card readers and cards with computers. This approach eased developing smart card enabled applications because it provided device independent APIs for accessing and manipulating smart cards, familiar tools for software development like Visual Studio, and easy integration with all Windows platforms.

Apart from these facilities for the developers, this also made it economic to develop and deploy smart card enabled solutions by:

• Enforcing interoperability among cards and readers from different manufacturers
• Insulating differences between current and future implementations
• Avoiding application obsolescence due to underlying hardware changes
These components were developed in accordance with the specification released by the PC/SC workgroup, of which Microsoft is a member. The PC/SC specifications were released specifically to improve upon the ISO 7816 standards for smart cards and are compatible with both the EMV (Euro pay, MasterCard, Visa) and GSM (Global Standard for Mobile) specifications.
As expected, this gained broad industry support. These were just the initial steps towards standardization of the PC smart card interface and synchronization, and define guidelines for both smart card manufacturers and application developers.

The PC/SC specifications continues to grow toward becoming independent standards in the future with its v2 release.

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