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So, What is Subsembly????

Se here we are, at the core of our discussion – What Is Subsembly?

Subsembly is probably the first .NET class library to develop Smart Card applications compatible with most Standard PC/SC compliant Smart CArd Readers and other propritory devices that follow CT-API as well, or rather a full fledged Smart Card framework that can be used for easy access to Smart Card Readers and Smart Cards from the .NET applications that you develop.

Using Subsembly to develop Smart Card Appz not only allows you to use a convenient high level API to access and manipulate Smart Cards and Readers, but keeps you from having a hard time while trying to write a perfect P/Invoke wrapper on the WinSCard – Windows Smart Card API.

To be more precise, it’s not just a wrapper on the native PC/SC API, but a complete framework that can be extended to support any Smart Card reader technology. The professional version of Subsembly for Smart Card offers support for MCARD API and the CT-API smart card readers, which are essentially different from the PC/SC readers.

Although it provides everything to the .NET framework for developing Smart Card enabled applications like the OpenCard Framework does for the Java Platform, it isn’t a stereotype of the same.

It heavily improves upon the OpenCard Framework for simplicity, advanced features and utilization of the .NET framework primitives to the peak.

Sounds good??? …….. take a look for yourself at

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October 27, 2006 - Posted by | Subsembly

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