Security and Privacy on the U3 Platform

Be Smart with U3

Price Vs Ease – Smart Cards

Smart cards as well as Memory Cards usually cost between $1 and $20, depending on the size of the memory in the card and the software functionality (the card operating system and other features) included.

Smart card software (burned on the chip in ROM or loaded thereafter), depending on the specific card, can range from a very basic ROM (Read-Only-Memory) based operating system with a decent file system, I/O communication, authorization, encryption, as well as access control primitives built into it. Advanced cards offer much more sophisticated on-board operating system supporting the use of advanced languages (Like .NET languages or even BASIC as in BasicCard) or traditional interpreted and/or interpretted languages (such as C, Java) to add new applications and functions to the cards even after they have been issued for use by the cardholder.

Smart cards are specially useful components of IT and IT Enabled systems that need to address CIA (Confidentiality + Integrity + Authentication) kind of security, personal privacy as well as mobility requirements.

Smart card programming is at core characterized by its focus on two critical aspects

  1. Data security, and
  2. Data integrity

Data security implies that a given data value that is present on the card can be accessed by those entities that are authorized to access it, and not by anyone else.

Data integrity, on the other hand, implies that the information stored on the card can not be modofied by unauthorized entities or be corrupted in anyway in normal course of usage.

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