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A little background on Smart Cards

Smart Cards might sound to you like a invention from the modern world ……. but its not actually!!!

The smart card – is a term coined by the French publicist Roy Bright in the 1980s—was invented in 1968 by two German engineers – Jürgen Dethloff and Helmut Gröttrupp.

The inventors filed for a German patent for their invention in February 1969 and were finally granted the patent DE 19 45 777 C3, titled “Identifikanden/Identifikationsschalter,” in the year 1982.

An independent researcher, Kunitaka Arimura of the Arimura Technology Institute in Japan filed for a smart card , patent in Japan in March 1970. In the next year, May 1971, Paul Castrucci of IBM filed an American patent titled simply “Information Card” and on November 7, 1972, was issued U.S. Patent 3,702,464. Between 1974 and 1979 Roland Moréno, a French journalist, filed 47 smart card–related patent applications in 11 countries and founded the French company Innovatron to license this legal tour de force.

This seems to be a misty description but one thing is certain, these people found it to be a invention worth of being patented when nobody expected that it would find some viable market share in security arena.

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